Friday, January 9, 2009

Gun Control Works!!! Er...well, that see...if...

I find myself absolutely disgusted by this story. In the UK, there is strict gun contol, and even the right to defend yourself without a firearm is severely restricted. The idea behind all this was to make people safer. The result on:

A Post Office worker was shot dead today and his father seriously
injured during an armed robbery at their village shop by three balaclava-clad

Craig Hodson-Walker was shot during the robbery at the family run
Fairfield Stores in Fairfield, near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, at 8.20am. He
was prounounced dead 40 minutes later.

His father Ken was shot in the leg by the men, who were armed with a
handgun and a

sledgehammer, and is being treated in hospital.

Now, I will be fair. It was a post office. Even though I can legally carry a firearm concealed just about anywhere, the post office is one place that is off limits. But thats not the point of my posting this. The point is to show that even though the entire UK has strict gun control it still has criminals who are willing and able to use guns to commit crimes. Criminals. Don't. Obey. The. Law.

This arguement has been made about states in the US with strict gun control laws. They generally defend those laws by saying, "Well, criminals buy their guns in other states without our strict controls." The UK is comprised of islands, and they have strictor border control than the US. Yet criminals still find and use guns for crime. And when they don't have guns, they use other things just as capable of injurying and causing death. One man in this story was using a sledge hammer. I guess the UK should impliment strick sledge hammer control laws next.

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