Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something I Despise

I can't stand bigotry.

I try to be tolerant of others' beliefs. Don't make an issue of my beliefs, or lack of, and I won't make an issue of your beliefs. It's a simple thing, really, but some people are incapable of following this little rule.

So, yeah. Today I was the victim of bigotry because I'm an atheist. If you don't like me when you get to know me, fine. I can accept that. But giving all indications that you think I'm a great person, and then doing a 180 when you find out I'm an atheist is nothing but simple bigotry. I'm the same person I was before you found out. Nothing about me has changed. I'm still that great person.

Use your rational. Check your premises. Make sure they're based in the rational world, and not the make believe world of fairy tales you silly fuck.

I've never been tolerant of foolishness, and in this case I'm even less intolerant of it than usual.

I'm very angry. And a little hurt too.

1 comment:

Ave said...

Too weak of character for you.

Remember that.