Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taking A Little Vacation

This Friday I'm taking a trip to Gatlingburg, TN with a lady friend of mine. I love the mountains and plan on spending some time in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. I could use a little vacation with all of the stress I've been under lately with everything going on in my life. I'm really looking forward to the trip.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures when I get back, and I'll try to share them.


Ave said...

::kicks off shoes::

::gets comfy::

::takes a look around::

Mighty comfy look you got going on in here. I'm'a hang out and get used to the community around here. Posted my blogs (plural, I did both) on Blogger--was so much easier than the copy/paste thing I originally did with Et Cetera.

J wrote me and said he wanted our new blog addresses so he could keep in touch and all that jazz. Send him an e-mail with your current blog addy, wouldja? :)

Ave said...

Oh yeah, and have fun in Gatlinburg! I'll be expecting photos.