Sunday, July 9, 2006

Won't you be my neighbor?

Wow, it's been a while.  Usually I update a lot more than I have in the past couple of weeks.  I guess I've just had to much on my mind to get it all out.  At the moment I'm juggling a long-distance relationship, a shitty job, and I'm looking for a place to live.

So, I've got a girlfriend now.  Wonderful.  Well, it would be if she were actually here.  I should have pushed for 'open relationship' status (kidding...).  Anyway, it's nice, but it also sucks because she is so far away.  I talk to her every day, which is weird, since I never talk to anyone every day.

I hate my job.  But you knew that already.  Some interesting prospects are coming to light though.  My friend's brother-in-law is supposed to let me know as soon as there is an opening at the Coca-Cola bottling place where he works.  The pay is great from all tell and the hours are not bad, similar to what I work now.  I'm also going to put in an application at the post office since they have a huge "NOW HIRING" sign up. 

My lease is up at the end of the month, and I am out of here.  I'm sorry, but six hundred a month is just too much.  I'm sick of it.  It was nice to have a big place all to myself, but it's not worth it anymore and I don't want a roommate.  I'm going to do some serious looking tomorrow.  Probably a little short notice, but it'll be okay. 

I've seen two movies recently, and both were good.  Superman Returns was excellent.  I loved it, and would pay to see it again.  Any super hero fan should see it.  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest  was good, but also disappointing.  It just seemed to drag on and on as if it would never end...and it doesn't in a style reminiscent of The Matrix Reloaded.  The pseudo end was good though.  I liked the surprise and I think I'll like the third installment of this particular trilogy a lot.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Miami Vice, the movie, is coming out at the end of this month.  I'm going to see it.  It looks good.  I actually bought the first season of the show on dvd and I really like it.  That surprised me.  I expected it to be a lot cheesier than it is, but it's actually a pretty serious show. 

Oh, and I purchased a new pistol yesterday.  I was torn between the HKP2000 (9mm)  and the Walther P99 (also 9mm).  I finally decided on the HK both because of my high opinion of HK firearms and the fact that it is a sub-compact pistol which makes it much easier to carry concealed. 

I went shooting this morning and was impressed with my little P2000.  I'm still a big fan of my USP .45 (and a better shot with it) and I'm sure I'll carry it regularly.  Still, the small 9mm P2000 will takes its place when I want the most concealment possible.  I also think I'll be going back for the Walther as soon as I can scrape the change together for it.  It was cheaper than the HK by about two hundred bucks, but it was a full-size service pistol.  Nice, though.


jhileb said...

congrats! hold on to the good ones, they are far, few, and between.  things sound like they are going well, glad to hear it...sooner or later i knew your luck had to change.  


all4eyez said...

im so happy for you that you are finally in a relationship with someone you are truly into.
I know , long-distance relationships are hard but hey - it doesnt have to be long distance forever does it?
It's a thing thing anyway I can look at it , because now you ar happy.

Good Luck on your apartment seeking journey.

all4eyez said...

its not a "thing" thing , I meant its a "good" thing...