Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I hate moving...

Well, I'm moving.  I'm getting my stuff all together and I've got a new place lined up.  I was hoping to get something downtown, but nothing was available in my price range, so that was out.  I got something that is still in between work and school, even if it is on the other side of Birmingham.  I like what I've seen of the place.

I have to be out of here by Monday.  I don't like doing this last minute, but it was the best I could manage.  I'll have to get some help moving my stuff, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. 

Anyway, I'm getting a large one bedroom apartment.  The layout of the place looks nice.  I think it will be a lot like mine now, just minus the extra bathroom and bedroom, which won't be bad at all.  I'll have to store a little of my stuff with my grandfather, but it will be okay. 

I'm probably not going to get any of my security deposit back, but I could give a shit.  I'll get over it.  Maybe I'll get a little back, but it would be a surprise. 

The main thing I need right now is boxes, and I think I'll pick some up tonight and the next couple of nights at work.  I won't be getting much sleep until I'm moved.  I have not slept in well over twenty-four hours now.  And I have not talked to Jenni, which is weird. 

I really feel like talking to someone, but no one is around.  I think I'm going to con my brother into helping me move.  I'd ask John, but I don't really want to.  I might though.  I've helped him move twice now, so he still owes me one. 

I've got to rent a truck, which means I'll probably have to borrow a little cash from my grandfather until my next paycheck.  I'm going to have to get prices on that tomorrow.  I'm not sure how much I paid before.

I really hate to move.  I don't mind leaving, it just the disturbance to my life and finances that I don't like.  If I could just be there, it would be fine.  And if I knew for sure I could move in my Monday it would be fine.  I'll find out in the morning.  I fucking hope so.  If not Monday, then at least by Tuesday.  Then I'll just have to have the truck for two days.

I can probably fit everything I own into the new place.  I have next to nothing in my bedroom here, so I have space to spare.  I should be okay.

Okay, enough worrying for one night.

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