Thursday, June 1, 2006

Friends will save your life...

When I look at my life and wonder why I'm sticking around I think about people I care about.  If I wasn't here who'd give them that card that puts a smile on their face when they've had a bad week at work.  When they are going through a painful time, who else is going to stop worrying about their own problems enough to actually care. 

I'm fucked up.  Nothing can save me from fate.  But maybe I can save someone else.

If I can make one person laugh, make one person smile, make one person angry enough to keep fighting just one more day, then maybe I've done some good.  Maybe I'll find my reward at the end of the line.  Maybe I'll never get to the end of the line.  But at least I can make sure that someone does.


jhileb said...

wonderful entry.  everyone has their place.  some need help and others need to help.  it is better to give than to receive and you certainly understand that.  the reward you get is feeling good and knowing you made a small but significant difference in someone's life and for me that's reward enough and i'd imagine it will be for you as well.


all4eyez said...

i LOVE this!
You got it!!!!

Keep up the good work man