Wednesday, May 3, 2006

The Meaning of Life Is...

How the Hell should I know?  Don't let my Greek god-like appearance fool you.  I don't have the answers, much as I'd like too.

My weekend hasn't been long enough for my taste.  I wish I had a few more days off, but oh well.  Back to work tomorrow.  Anyway, today was kind of nice.  I went to the theater and saw The Sentinel.  It was really good.  I liked it a lot, although I feel it could have been longer without losing it's fast pace.  The story would have been helped by a little fleshing out.

Other than that I didn't do much, except burn a couple of rib eye steaks.  I will never try cooking something by someone else's method again, especially when my way works.  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  I ended up having Hamburger Helper for dinner instead of a nice, juicy steak. 

I also rented a couple of movies.  I can't remember the titles.  They're mostly low budget action movies.  I need a cheap thrill once in a while. 

I'm bored, as usual.  I was hoping to talk to someone tonight, but of my two friends currently online one has her away message up and the other is far too depressing at the moment.  It's funny how I can so easily make female friends but can't get a girlfriend.  See, that's the fate of nice guys.

I'm feeling so tired, I might just go to bed early.  That might be nice.  I've had a long day. 


all4eyez said...

This a GREAT entry!
I like it!!!

What exactly is the alternate method of rib eye steak perfection?

darn... hamburger helper instead!?
thats no substitute for steaks!
: /

rampage841512 said...

My method for grilling steak is to turn it every couple of minutes so that it cooks evenly from both sides.  The method suggested to me was that I should let it cook on one side until juices bubbled up from the opposite side.  Before this could happen I decided to turn the steaks and found nothing but a charred mass of meat.  I was very disappointed.

all4eyez said...

it sounds dissapointing