Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Book Was Better

But isn't it always?  Well, I can remember at least once when it wasn't, but let's not get off topic here.  I finally went and saw The DaVinci Code.  I liked it, though I think Tom Hanks was not the greatest choice for Robert Langdon.  I will concede, however, that at the moment I can't think of anyone better. 

The movie seemed to stick mostly to the book, though there were some differences.  I would have been more keen to them, but I have not recently read the book.  I thought about it, seeing as it's not very long, but I've been busy reading two or three others. 

So, did I like the movie?  Yes.  Could it have been better?  Most definitely.  But so could just about every other movie.  I think this one stayed more true to the book than most.  It even had the same rushed feel to it.  When you take into account that it all takes place in the span of one day you realize that its pace is a necessary element.

I'll probably pick this one up on dvd when it comes out, but it won't be one I'll watch a lot.  I'll pull it out when I'm in the mood and don't have the time to re-read the book.  I liked it, so it gets a thumbs up from me.   


autumnsavril said...

Don't you hate the way they totally changed the ending?  I guess it just wasn't exciting enough to be a movie.

It was all right.  My friend, JT, and I thought the same thing about Langdon.  I thought George Clooney would have made a better one, and JT was thinking Harrison Ford.

Just two ideas.

And yeah, the book was way better.


rampage841512 said...

I thought Harrison Ford would be a bad choice, actually.  I liked Tom Hanks better for the part.  Too much the tough guy and not the intellectual, but maybe.  He pulled off Jack Ryan well enough.

And the ending?  I didn't see much of a difference, except that her brother was cut out.  The very end was exactly the same.  But what bothered you about the ending?  It's been a long time since I read the book, so maybe I missed something.