Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stacey=Blonde Bombshell that just went off on me...

So, I'll just make a long story short.  I got one of those extremely pleasant, but fucking out of this world surprised you get sometimes.  Every Saturday a couple of guys and me go to this little diner for breakfast.  Working there is a very attractive girl named Stacey.  I've had a thing for Stacey since the first time I saw her.  She beautiful.  Hell, she's why we eat there!

So every Saturday, or ever other since she changed her schedule, me and Stacey flirt and tease etc.  Hell, I thought she had a boyfriend.  The first time I saw her she had a ring with a HUGE rock on her finger.  I thought she was definitely engaged.  A couple of weeks later I realize she isn't wearing it.  A couple of weeks after that I get a really good look at...and realize it's fake.  She bought it herself.  Um, set that one down in the memory file entitled, "DUMB ASS ASSUMPTIONS."

Any, I was teasing her one morning and she got kind of playfully mad, as women like to do to drive men insane, so I decided to be cute and drove back to WalMart and bought her a rose.  Which she still has, by the way.  This was about a month ago now, I think.  Maybe not quite that long. 

Didn't I say I was going to keep this short?  Anyway, we did some more teasing and flirting this morning.  And then at the end of the morning she wants my phone number.  She ask me, sorta.  It was kind of through a friend.  But I gave it to her.  Of course I gave it to her.  Who the fuck do you think I am?

Well, I consider this a good fucking day.  And if she wants to hang out tonight?  Fuck, WalMart can survive without me.


jhileb said...

way to go!!  i told ya, didn't i??  it's all numbers........eventually you run into someone who is receptive and likes you.  sometimes it just takes awhile.  anways congrats on getting a date, sort of.......



autumnsavril said...

Woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot.

Hahaha, this is great.  :D