Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We're off to see the editor...

Well, I finally got around to preparing a couple of my stories to submit for publication.  I've been dragging ass about it, but I'm doing it.  They are two I've submitted before.  One I never got a response about, and the other has been rejected twice. 

Anyway, they are as ready as I can make them.  All I've got to do now is take them to the Post Office and send them off.  I'll do that tomorrow when I don't feel like I am about to pass out.  I really need to get some sleep.  I was planning on doing some other things, but that ain't happening.  I'm just too damned tired.  There is always tomorrow.



all4eyez said...

tomorrow indeed - sleep is much more important than fun ,. hahahahahaha

Good Luck with your stories.

I hope you get any good responses this time

But my suggestion - try not to lose what youve already written and feel is the best it can be , just because someone from a publishing place may tell you its not right here or there.
They dont always know best , they just know what they feel like publishing.
And they can be ASS BUSTERS fur shure.

autumnsavril said...

Following All4Eyez's lead, don't change something everytime you get it back and they've told you what they didn't like about it.

If you keep changing it, it won't be at all what you originally wrote.  Eventually someone's going to love it the way it is.  I mean, if they point out things that you really believe could be better, sure, change something here or there, but don't take everything they say to heart and go crazy with editing everytime they send it back.

Just a thought.


rampage841512 said...

I should make it clear that by preparing I mean that I typed cover letters for each story (they're pre-typed, except for the addresses and names of the editors) and put the manuscript in order according to the particular editors guidelines.  I've only made changes I deemed appropriate and those were well before they were ever rejected.