Friday, March 17, 2006

Ups and Downs

The last three days has been a series of ups and downs.  The ups have been good and the downs have been bad, just as they should be.  I'm in one of the downs right now.  I wish I wasn't.  But you can wish in one hand....

Anyway, my little road trip was enjoyable.  It was nice to be away.  I wish there had been more to do.  It sure wasn't Vegas.  But it was good enough just the same.  My first day there I lost a hundred dollars playing poker.  I was tired and playing stupid.  I could have walked away with double my money if I'd just played smart, but I didn't. 

The next day was better.  I bought in for another hundred dollars worth of chips and sat down at the poker table with the intention of at least winning my money back.  And I did just that.  See, I really am a good poker player when I want to be.  It's only when I get bored that I play stupid.  So I got my hundred back, and thirty-four dollars on top of it.  I had a little more than that, but I played a few hands and the blinds ate it up.  When I started feeling tired and bored again I quit.

I went to bed pretty early, around eight o'clock last night, and was awake about four AM.  I got breakfast around seven and then checked out around eight.  The drive home took about three hours.  It's not as long as the drive from LA to Vegas, though, so it wasn't so bad.  I almost enjoyed it.

I had hoped I would have some fun tonight too.  I went to the St. Patrick's Day Poker walk that the bars down town sponsor.  It sucked, and I ended up leaving after about thirty minutes and one beer without ever getting my hand on a single card (the idea is to go to all five bars, get one card, and then try and make the best hand for a prize).  I couldn't even find where they were handing out the cards.  And besides that I was alone.  I seemed to be the only person their who didn't know at least one other person.  I should have found someone to go with me, but I don't really have anyone I could have asked.

I guess I'm just feeling depressed right now.  I've finally got a Friday night off and I'm sitting at home.  I tried though.  I wish I could have stayed in Mississippi for another night, or two, but I couldn't get a room.  It's too bad.  I might have made a couple hundred bucks if I had.  It would have at least paid for my longer stay. 

Not much is going the way I want it too.  I'm really trying to not whine and be some petulant child, but life hasn't been very enjoyable to me for a while.  Even when I do something that makes me happy the fact that I can't share that with someone kind of puts a damper on it. 

Sometimes I need to be alone.  But there are times when we shouldn't have to be alone. 

Oh, well.  Such is life.

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all4eyez said...

Im glad you had a good time away and that you won your money back +43...that super rawks!
And Im glad you quit playing the second time around when you became bored and tired...good call!

I went to see a band I know play a show in Boston last night.
I suppose I could have been boreder (hahahaha)
I guess I had a good time , hahahahaha
i didnt even have one beer!
It was weird in Boston last night
Noone was hardly out on ST PATTYS DAY!!!????
What I thought was funny was that everytime one of the bands I went to see said ANYTHING about ST PATTYS DAY , the people who were there to drink made noise...hahahahahaha - other than that , these "Rock The House" bands didnt get hardly ANY attention when it came to applause.

Hey - I would have hung out with you , no problem.

It makes me sad to read that you really didnt have anyone to ask to hang out with....awe

I know youre feeling depressed , I can understand - but what else can you do but go on , right???

Not much of a choice there.
And then , when something happens to you - that you never seen coming -
Youll look back on all the days like this like it was all worth it , hopefully