Sunday, February 26, 2006

First SCA Meeting

Most of the past week and half or so has been busy, busy but in a boring, boring sort of way.  So I thought I'd skip straight to the interesting stuff.

Today I skipped out on going to sleep and went to my first SCA group meeting with my friend from work, Rob.  Next month we're going to a war in Mississippi called Gulf Wars. 

Anyway, the meeting was pretty informal, but interesting.  I meet a bunch of people and got to see some of the heavy weapons practice.  Since that is my main interest, it was interesting to watch a couple of guys fight with swords (wooden) and shield in armor. 

I won't be able to fight at Gulf Wars (at least I don't think).  But I will have an opportunity to get armor there for a pretty good price.  My biggest investment will be a helm, which will cost me a couple hundred bucks.  Hopefully I will have plenty of money when I go down there, but that mainly depends on WalMart and their check distribution.

Clothing shouldn't be a problem.  One of the main guys in the group, Sir Robert, offered to sew any clothing I needed if I get him the material.  Me and Rob are going to look at material in WalMart tonight.  I don't really have any money, but maybe I can figure something out.  We'll see.  It shouldn't be more that five bucks, anyway.

Anyway, I need to eat something and then try to get a couple of hours of sleep.  I'm going to be the walking dead tomorrow...and I'm supposed to go to class.  I don't know if I'll be able too.  I have not slept that much lately. 

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