Monday, January 23, 2006

An offer he can't refuse....I hope....

I skipped class today.  I didn't want to, honestly, but I was to tired to shave, and if I'm too tired to shave I am not driving, especially in the rain.  I had hoped to get about five hours of sleep, but that didn't work out.  I had something on my mind, and I couldn't stop thinking about.

See, my grandfather has money.  A lot of it.  You wouldn't expect that just looking at him, but it's there, lying around like oil under the ground.  He's pretty stingy with it, and usually only goes for extremely safe investments (like CD's or Treasury bonds). 

In twenty to thirty years, a Treasury bond will double your money.  I intend to do it for him in fifteen if he'll let me.  The fact is, I need money.  On top of that, I am a good investment.  My grades rock, and I won't fail in my long-term goals.  If I've got the time, I could practically do this still working at WalMart though, so it's not fool proof, but it's close.

I've already got it figured out what I would do with the money (only a portion of what he has).  I know where I would invest it, spend it, etc.  I want to wipe out my debt first, set up a Savings Account to pay for school, invest a little in Hasbro Inc., put some more into a couple of CD's, and some other stuff (I want to start earning the money to pay him back immediately, though I'm hoping he'll give me a few years payment free). 

I want him to open up a Savings Account and give me the account number, and when I've made the right number of deposits I can be free and clear.  This would be very long term, for obvious reasons.

The magic number I would need to do all this and pull it off:  $50,000.

The hardest part will convincing him.  But if he's goes for it, I'll turn it into $100,000.  I know I can.  I just have to avoid the mistakes that I've made in the past.  That won't be hard.  I'll just think of it the same way I do my rent.  This money doesn't really exists. 


all4eyez said...

sounds like some brilliant ideas to me

good luck with getting grandpa to budge

autumnsavril said...

::blink blink::

I understood, "I'm going to double $50,000 in about fifteen years' time."

Sounds great, good luck with that.



rampage841512 said...

If I eliminated my debt, I could do it still working at WalMart.  I already ran the numbers just to be sure.  But in the next five years alone I should be at the very least a college graduate with a B.A. and hopefully I'll be out or about to get out of law school.