Monday, January 9, 2006

Here's something...

I went to check my mail, expecting bills bills bills, and I found two pleasant surprises.  One was the print I bought.  It's not the greatest quality, but it is still very nice.  I'm going to get a frame for it as soon as I get the chance. 

The second surprise was a letter from my pen pal, Tahiru.  She lives in Ghana, which a country in West Africa.  I received a letter from her months after I had moved.  I wrote to her a while back, but I wasn't really expecting a response.  I got one though, and she was happy to get my letter.  She says she sent a second out after the first, but I never got it.  I don't know if it ever arrived at my grandfather's house.

Her letter was short, only one page, but the energy in it kind of leaps out at you.  She said my letter motivated her and gave her hope for the future.  Her country is pretty poor, and when I read that in her first letter I said in mine that "even my country was poor in the beginning."  She liked that a lot. 

She also told me that education there is a game of chance because of poverty.  The same could be said about American schools, at least at the college level.  But I think it is worse there.  She said there is a lot of nepotism and corruption in her country.  Again, I think the same could be said of this country, but it is probably much worse there.  I think the fact that the U.S. has such a high quality of life that we generally over look things like that. 

I'm going to write her back soon.  In the meantime, she wishes me to extend her greetings to all my friends.

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jhileb said...

cool.  a pen pal....i thought that had been abandoned with the internet age, but you've restored my faith in some "old" things not going away completely.  

yes, west africa is and has been in a sad, sad state.  the word "corruption" doesn't do it justice.  it's sad as most of the citizens will never obtain a "quality" life until the culture changes and the people stop dictators and self obsessed leaders from taking power and abusing the people and the resources.  that is a luxury we (usa)enjoy, a very stable govt and economy.  we have lots of checks and balances that keeps the power hungry from taking over, and believe me they want to and try constantly.  the old timers that setup our govt, knew what they were doing.  not perfect of course but better than any other govt system in the world currently.

education is no comparison at all.  there is a reason that people want to come come to the usa and europe to go to school (college) and to live as well.