Sunday, December 4, 2005

Tons of Suckage

Surgeon General's Warning:  Clicking on banner adds may lead to the developement of brain tumors.

Heehee.  Anyway.

Work has really sucked.  Friday night was by far the worst.  We got in 25 pallets of frieght (20 pallets is considered a very heavy night).  It sucked because we had so much and because the truck, which is supposed to arrive at 10:00 PM, got there at half past midnight.  Tonight wasn't any more fun.  We only got 15 pallets, but they didn't arrive until 1:30 this morning.  Usually I would be able to use the time before the truck arrived to relax and work a little overstock (stuff that hadn't gone out on previous nights).  Instead, the boss decided to drop 5 pallest of overstock on me to work through.  Lucky I had help.  We did all that and then worked our two new pallets.

My back is killing me.  I have not been sleeping much because I've been really caught up in Knife of Dreams, which I am about to go finish.  But things should be okay soon.  I only have one class tomorrow and then classes end.  Then I'll take my exams and be finished.  Next semester I'm only taking two classes, so that will relieve some stress, I think. 

My birthday is getting closer and closer, and I still have no real idea about what I want to do.  I kind of just wish I had someone special I could spend the day with, but that's not going to happen.  I'm debating just going it alone or spending time with friends.  I'm not sure which I want to do. 

You know, for the last few months I really have begun to hate my life.  I need to find something to put some joy into it.  Something.

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