Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sometimes I just want to pull my hair out...

Today has been fucked up and frustrating and that pisses me off because I wanted to have a good day.  Let me give you the highlights....

I couldn't get a hold of the the guy at the sheriff's office about my pistol permit.  I found myself playing Devil's Advocate for Jeremy, of all fucking people (he's being a moody little prick about the money his mom is spending since his dad died...but his dad just died, so even I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt...I am way to fair...and people think I'm an uncaring asshole and a half...I wish I could be what everyone seems to think I am sometimes..fucking people need to mind the Wizard's Fifth Rule [ The Updated Wizard's Rules]).  Then Stephanie basically blew me off saying she didn't think we "really had any plans," even though it was her idea that we do something tonight since she can't come tomorrow night...I think the Wizard's First Rule applies here.  My twenty dollar steak could have been better.  WalMart was out of .45 ACP ammo in FMJ.  Julie didn't return my call.  Jennifer came over tired and pissed off (this one actually didn't go so bad, but we almost got into an argument because I think her brother could have stood up for himself better and that her mom should mind her business where her adult son is concerned...he tried to call in sick[he is actually sick] and his boss called him a liar, so he went to work...behind his back his mom called his boss to defend her poor baby...that ain't going to help the prick become a better man).

But I'm a little drunk anyway.  Me and John had a nice dinner (I had planned to do that with while it was nice I was a little peeved) and then we came back to my place and drank.  Our friend Logan came over after he got off work and kicked back for a while since he probably won't make it tomorrow night. 

This whole thing reminds me of something my good friend in high school, Mark, used to say, "People...they suck."

On the bright side, my aunt from California called me to say Happy B'day.  I talked to my little cousins, the younger of which shares my birthday with me.  It was nice to talk to all of them.  And I didn't have to work tonight...and I don't have to work tomorrow night.  That's cool.


autumnsavril said...

Wow.  You really did have a crappy day.  I am trying to think of a bright side to all this mess, but nothing's coming to mind at the moment.  Today should be a better day.

Lots of hugs for ya!


rampage841512 said...