Friday, December 9, 2005

A little more in depth explanation...

I was coming home from Stephanie's house.  I had just turned off her street.  Please bear in mind this is all a bit fuzzy.  I thinking I was going down this hill.  It was raining, and had been all day.  I remember seeing a white car's rear end right in front of me, and swerving.  I lost control.  I was headed for some trees, and a ravine.

I woke up in my car, surround by firefighters.  I was only half conscious, so I only remember bits and pieces of this.  They pulled me out of my car and put me on a backboard, and then carried me up a steep incline to an ambulance.  I remember being in the Ambulance, but my memories are too short for the time it would have taken to get to UAB's ER.  I remember being asked some questions, but nothing specific, except what hospital I wanted to go to.  UAB just stood out.

I remember most of my time in the ER.  They were nice enough not to cut my leather jacket, but they did cut my nice sweater.  I can't blame them, and I thanked the nurse for sparing my jacket.  I know I was wet, and shivering, and they covered me in hot blankets.  I also had a lot of blood on my hands and pants.  The left side of my head was killing me, and my chest along my collar bone hurt.  My right wrist was also in some pain.

They checked me out, gave me to CAT scans and some X-rays.  I also got a tetanus shot.  I had/have a mild concussion, a contusion to the brain, and what they call a cerebral hemotoma (that's bleeding on the brain).  Thankfully it wasn't bad.  I elected to not stay overnight due to my lack of insurance and was told to come to the emergency room immediately if I got dizzy, started vomiting, etc.  I feel like shit.  My head is killing me, but it's not too bad.

I had them call John.  He and Jennifer came down.  They were not sure how bad it was until they got there.  Stephanie also insisted on coming, which I was thankful for.  I hadn't been able to remember if I got her home safe before the accident, and no one in the ambulance could tell me if anyone else was in the car.  But I did.  I got her home safe. 

When they came in to see me I had Jennifer see about my car, and I sent John off so I could have a few minutes alone with Stephanie.  I made her promise she would read the letter I gave her soon.  I told her the crash scaredme bad, and she needed to read it.  She said she would.  I talked to her this morning, but I don't know if she read it yet.  I told her while I was in the ER that it doesn't change anything between us, but she needed to know what was there. 

I was so scared that she had been in the car with me.  I think I cried in the ambulance I was so scared.  But I got her home safe, and that's all that matters.  I'm going to be okay, I think, but I won't be going to work tonight.  John and Jennifer stayed over with me last night because I wasn't supposed to be alone.  John's still here, but Jennifer went to work. 

I'm pretty banged up.  And I'm not doing so great in other ways.  But I think I'll pull through.  My car, however, won't.  From what I'm told the read end was ripped off and most of the front end was smashed in.  I don't know what I'm going to do about a car, or my hospital bills, but I'll figure something out.  Even if it means going to my grandfather.



all4eyez said...





rampage841512 said...

I'll do that, thanks for the thought.

autumnsavril said...

Oh, my goodness!!  I am SO glad you're okay, at least for the most part!  I would be very very sad if you had died or were severely injured.  As it is, you will recover from all your ouchies, right?  Jesus, don't scare me like that.  That bleeding on the brain thing, is this a major problem?

I'm glad no one else was involved, do you know what happened with the white car?  Are they okay?


rampage841512 said...

If my own body isn't lying, then I am going to be fine.  I feel much better.  Good enough that I think I'll be off the over the counter painkillers.  I won't really know what else happened until Monday, when I can get the accident report.  But I'm okay, and I think I'm going to stay that way.

jhileb said...

sorry to hear that Robert.  hope your feeling better now than when you typed this entry.  

how did the car work out?  insurance?  is insurance required in al?  i heard awhile ago it wasn't...but it's been awhile, so i have no idea anymore what the laws say? were you insured?

anyways, what a disaster.  i hope your able to get back on your feet and pull through.


rampage841512 said...

I had full coverage the first six months I owned it.  Then it got to be too much.  I dropped my coverage to liability so that I could afford it.  When I turn 21 I get a huge discount.  I was going to up it again.  It appears my luck ran out a week I'm basically screwed for the moment.  

In AL liability insurance is required.