Monday, November 14, 2005


There is a leak in my ceiling right between my kitchen and living room  It's dripping into a metal mixing bowl and is annoying as hell.  I am waiting for the maintainence man to come and fix it.  I hate this shit.  It's always something with this place. 

Oh, and the Alabama legislature took it upon themselves to fuck up my birthday plans.  There is now no topless dancing in Alabama.  Bastards.  All I wanted was to get trashed Thursday night and then go see some strippers Friday night (Dec. 15th and 16th).  All I wanted was to drink some alcohol legally and see some topless women, maybe get a lap dance.  Fuckers. 

I suppose, if I managed to scrape the money together, I could get some private strippers to come to my apartment.  I'd thought of doing that, but I didn't really have the money.  They get all the way naked too....

I need a rich friend, or uncle.  I could take a little trip to Atlanta.  They have some nice places there, I hear. 

Maybe things will change in a month.  Maybe I'll find something else to do.  Hell, maybe I'll have a girlfriend who doesn't want me looking at strippers (she'll have to get over it...or convince me she's all the stripper I need!). 

Okay, I'm going to nap on my couch.  Maybe I won't be dead asleep before this dick shows up.


jhileb said...

lol, there used to be full nude strip clubs in seminole county.  in particular a town called casselberry in florida.  i'm not a big strip clubber, but it was great!!  they had a full lunch buffet that ruled and was like 6bucks!!  we'd go for lunch and enjoy the scenery and eat lunch....and turn away the lap dances just to tee off the strippers....ahh, the good old days.:)  then the city council decided casselberry was a suburb (or so they wished) and they stopped full nudity so all the best strippers went to s. florida where the money is...and to make a long story short....they continued to try to shut them down completely.  they ruined the gem of strip clubs in florida.  now they suck and the talent is awful...and crime has actually gone up! lol, go figure.  the high end places all changed to survive and now they are all low end and attract the worst kinds of people.

the lesson for local careful what you wish for, you may just get it and it will be worse than you ever imagined.

have a good birthday, even with no strippers, lol!!:)


autumnsavril said...

Did they guy ever come to fix your faucet?  I'd be really suprised.  Really, I would.  I waited about six months to have my dishwasher repaired, and I went up there every few weeks.  It was the same thing every time.  "I'll have to put in another work order for it."  Grrr.

Same with the roof.  And that was a health hazard.

But they are both repaired now.


rampage841512 said...

It wasn't the faucet.  I could care less if it was that.  No, it was the water dripping from the ceiling onto my carpet that I was pissed about.  And yeah, he showed up and fixed the problem.  Someone upstairs had a leaking hose on their washer.