Sunday, October 23, 2005

I wish I made more money...

The Gun Show was interesting.  I liked it, for the most part.  No, I didn't buy any new guns.  There was one I really, really wanted but I did not have enough money and I couldn't get it today. 

Anyway, I saw a lot of stuff.  I was looking for a number of things and I found most of them.  First, I wanted to find spare clips for my .45.  I did, but they were fifty to seventy-five dollars.  I don't think so.  I'm pretty sure I can get them cheaper online.  Most of the rifles I saw were way overpriced.  I saw a lot of mini-14's that I could have bought in a store for a hundred dollars cheaper.  The ammo was also about fifty bucks more expensive than in the stores.  I thought stuff there were supposed to cheaper!

Okay, I did find some good deals on stuff I liked.  One thing I saw that I really liked was a double rifle.  It was beautiful in old, used sort of way.  It was .303 claiber, which is not what I want in a double, but decent.  I know it was pretty old too.  It had ivory sites.  You can not import irovy into the U.S. anymore at all.  A gun with an irovy site will not make it through customs unless the site is ripped off (the nerve!).  Anyway, I loved it, but I couldn't afford it.  It was under five hundred bucks, which seems like a great deal on something that old (I am assuming it was still operational), but I didn't have that much cash.

Another thing I found was fatigue pants.  For the unenlightened, those are what they were in the army (technically they're called BDU's for Battle Dress Uniforms).  Anyway, I like to wear them to work and also when I go shooting.  And just for the hell of it.  They have six pockets that come in handy and they're pretty comfortable.  Plus they're pretty cool.  They're used, but in good condition.  I got two pair for twenty bucks.

I was also looking for a Winchester Model 70 rifle in the left handed configuration.  I shoot rifles and shotguns left handed (even though I'm right handed), so I need that configuration on a bolt action rifle otherwise I'm slow as hell because of the way I have to chamber a new round.  It's too much of a pain in the ass for me to deal with so I prefer automatics.

I saw a Ruger Mini-30, which is basically the Mini-14 except it is chambered for the 7.62X39 round instead of .223.  I'd like to pick oneup, but it was out of my price range at a little over five hundred bucks.  They retail for about eight hundred though, so it would be a good deal considering it was new in the box.

Another thing that caught my eye was a Winchester Model 1300 Defender.  It's a 12 guage shotgun.  I want to pick up one of those to keep in my apartment.  It is and excellant close quarters gun.  It was decently priced at a little over two hundred dollars, but it looked beat to hell.  And I want one with a combo shoulder stock and pistol grip.  This one only had the shoulder stock.

I walked around for about two hours looking at stuff.  I left when I got hungy.  I would have eaten there and stayed longer, but I wasn't going to pay $4.50 for two hot dogs, $3.50 for a medium drink, and $2.50 for a small order of fries.  I decided to get something when I left instead.

A couple of other cool things I saw:  hand made bows, arrows, etc by Sioux (spelling?) tribesman from North Dakota, a very nice throwing axe I came within a milimeter of buying, a tactical gear vest I came I wanted but didn't buy (it had a holster for my pistol, extra mag holders for pistol clips, and mag holders for larger rifle mags).

Most of the dealers were business like, but friendly.  Some were gruff, but I'll put that off as a result of old age.  The only assholes I encountered were other people who came to the show, and I only encountered them indirectly.  Overall it was nice.  I would have liked to have gone with someone though.  I was surprised to see a number of attractive women of all ages there.  However, none of them were alone.  They were all with family or significant others.  Still, some of them obviously knew their way around guns.


autumnsavril said...

I'm glad you liked it.  Were there other weapons, or were there only guns?  What about other projectiles?

I like more interesting weapons, myself, but if guns are your thing--and they seem to be--that's cool.  I like sais and crossbows and longbows and throwing stars and all kinds of other nifty weapons.  Nunchucks come to mind.  :)


rampage841512 said...

They did have other weapons.  There were crossbows.  I didn't see any sais or throwing stars though, which was kind of odd.  There were more knives than guns on some tables.  They had some stone hand axes and clubs.  They had an Native American lance.  Um, and also some swords.  I think I mentioned the handmade bows and arrows, but they were the coolest.