Monday, September 5, 2005

Okay, for the moment

I just got out of a nice shower after working all night and I'm feeling okay.  I also just realized that I don't have class today because it is Labor Day.  That means I can stay up for a little while and then hopefully get a few hours of sleep.

While I'm in the "okay" state I can look forward instead of back, and that's kind of nice.  I'm hoping that I can somehow put this behind me.  Things might be different in the future, but I need to concentrate on the here and now instead of the past and future. 

So I'm thinking, maybe I just need to nose dive right into the dating scene.  I mean just get out there and work my ass off for it.  Why the fuck not?  I lost everything I wanted already so I may as well take advantage of this free role while I've got it.  I'm still going to be fucked up most of the time, but hopefully I can find these moments like now and make the best of them.

Eventually these moments will be more frequent and those sad, depressed moments will be few and far between.  So here we go.  I didn't name this journal "My Tumultous Adventure" for nothing.

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