Tuesday, September 6, 2005

It never fails

I just finished talking to Stephanie.  I had called her around 7:15 like I was supposed too.  She hadn't gotten out of class yet.  She called me back a few minutes ago.  And she told me that after this last class she is exhausted so she asked to reschedule.  I'm disappointed, but to be honest I am pretty tired myself. 

She gets off work at two tomorrow afternoon and she wanted to know if I'd like to get together then.  I said yes, before I realized I have class at 3:30.  That's not much of a problem.  It won't kill me to skip the one class.  But now I'm nervous again.   I hate that.  Now there is more time for something to get screwed up again. 

I also told her what I had told Jennifer, specifically that I was hanging out with her friend.  I also talked to John later and he grilled me a little about who it was but he never asked for a name.  He asked if it was a male or female friend, and I answered him honestly.  He started asking if it might be something that could be more than friendship and I told him it wasn't like that at all.  And there's another thing that makes me mad.

I may go on some dates.  I may even do some other things.  But I'm not going to do it to get over Stephanie.  I want to go out and have fun like anyone else, but I also don't want my friends pushing me into it.  Stephanie has, and probably will continue, to encourage me to go out and have fun.  That doesn't bother me.  But she hasn't done it lately, which is a courtesy to me.  I guess, in all honesty, I kind of gave him the wrong impression too.  I need to straighten that out.  I need to just sit down and talk to him.

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