Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Done, done, done, and...not done

When you don't think about something that is really upsetting you, then it doesn't upset you.  The problem with that is that it is ultimately escapism and defeatests.  However, one must do what one must in order to cope with fucked up situations.  Thought I'd went all academic there, didn't you?

Anywho, I did most of what I'd planned to do today.  I called about my pistol permit and found out that I was...APPROVED!!  I'm happy about that.  I went to the Sheriff's department and paid my $7.50 for the little piece of paper that says I can carry my gun.  It's funny, I had to pay $7.50 just to carry (concealed, of course) a gun that cost me $500.00.  And, as the previous article by Mr. Ross states, it ain't like a license to drive a car so don't try and compare the two.

I called Stephanie...and got her voicemail.  It didn't even ring so I figure her phone was off or she had no signal.  Anyway, I left her a message telling her I wanted to ask if she was feeling better and told her to call me back.  Typical.  I'm sure I'll talk to her tomorrow in class if she shows up.  I doubt she'll call.  She's such a flake when it comes to returning anyones calls.  I just hope it unnerves Jeremy as much as it does me...hehe.  Anything that makes his life harder puts a little spring in my step.

I went to class (US History to 1877).  I was only there for twenty minutes.  We have a test Monday and he just gave us a study sheet, went over it, and sent us on our way.  I don't think it will be too hard, but I am going to have to study some.  I think I also have a test Tuesday in my Archaeology class.  That's going to be fun.

I didn't go to Circuit City.  I started thinking about it, and I decided I didn't want to buy three CD's for only three songs.  I'll have to hear some more stuff by those particular artists first.  Spending nearly fifty bucks for three songs just isn't that smart.  And I need to be smart with my money...or more accurately, my credit.

I don't know what I'm going to do for the rest of the day.  I think I might take a nap so I can stay up all night.  That would be a good idea.  I'm going to need to go to work tomorrow night.  And speaking of work, I'm ended up getting all of my holiday pay so I'm only going to be short the time I missed going in to work late Sunday night.  I did mention that, didn't I?  It could have been in that entry I lost.  Anyway, my alarm didn't go off. 

Today has been pretty good so far.  I've been kind of upbeat.  I did get good news afterall.  But I think I'm going to finish this book I'm reading (New Spring by Robert Jordan), and then I'm going to nap a little.  In my bed.  Yeah, my back will appreciate that.

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