Friday, September 23, 2005


I am very, very angry right now.  The following letter that I wrote to the Birmingham News will explain why:

I am twenty years old, and I recently moved into my first apartment.  Because of the location of my apartment, and also because I now live alone, I acquired a pistol for personal protection.  Making the obvious leap of thought, I also applied for a pistol license so that I would be able to carry a concealed weapon.    Now, it is the policy of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office not to issue a license to anyone under the age of twenty-one.  However, the Sheriff can make exceptions.  I thought I had a good reason for applying, and so I did.  Three weeks later I called the Sheriff's office to see if I had been approved and was told that I had been.  I paid my $7.50 for the license and began to carry my concealed weapon.    A little over a week later I answered a telephone call from the Sheriff's Pistol License Investigator and was informed that I had "slipped through the cracks" and that my license was being suspended.  The reason?  I am not yet twenty-one years of age.  I was told it was nothing personal, and to check back when my birthday arrives in a few months. The Alabama State Constitution says: "That every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state."   It is nice to know that the resources of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office are being put into full use to guarantee violent criminals that law abiding, adult citizens under the age of twenty-one are disarmed.    I bet you can guess who won't be getting my vote in the next Sheriff's election.

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