Thursday, August 4, 2005


Typically, Stephanie never called me back.  I went to sleep around three and slept until seven.  She didn't call and by the time I woke up I didn't feel like calling John or Jennifer.  I watched a little tv, cooked my burgers, and then I watched Alexander.

And now I know why it flopped.  The movie just wasn't big enough.  It wasn't long enough, it wasn't in depth enough.  It skimmed too much.  The battle scenes were absolutely horrible.  The battle scenes in Troy were so much better.  Alexander the Great was a warrior.  If Oliver Stone had portrayed him the way we see Achilles in Troy the movie would have been much better.  Alexander wanted to be Achilles.  He wanted the same things.  Maybe it was the acting.  Brad Pitt made Achilles come to life.  You could feel it.  He made you feel like you could conquer the world.  You could see the love his men had for him.  Colin Farrell just made me feel like all he did was whine and beg his men to follow him.  The love was never there in my eyes, no matter how much it was talked about.  They didn't show it.

In Troy, when someone told Achilles he couldn't do something, he went out and did it.  He didn't try to convince by talking.  He did it.  In reality Alexander the Great did the same.  The movie Alexander didn't reflect that.  Most of the movie is him arguing with his generals, when it should be him conquering the known world.

All his achievements were in the backround.  We don't see the Alexandria's, except for the one in Egypt forty years after his death.  His defeat of Emporer Darius was anitclimatic at best.  Everything just seemed to be a big blur.  It really needed to be slowed down.  Alexander didn't conquer the world in a day, but the movie makes you think so.  The flashbacks were a mistake.  I'm not talking about the narrator, but Alexander's flashbacks. His life should have been handled chronologically, and more of younger life, including how he subdues Macedonia after his father's death, should have been focues upon.  This is a mere footnote in the movie, barely mentioned, but it was very important to his career.  It was not even mentioned that he had to reconquer Greece after Philip's death and that he destroyed Thebes to forrebelling. 

In the beginning of Troy we see Brad Pitt fight a giant of a man and kill him as easy anyone else stepping on a bug.  That established his bona fides as Achilles.  If we had seen Colin Farrell consolidating his power in Macedonia by killing his rivals and then his reconquest of Greece we would have had his bona fides as Alexander.  We didn't get it.

All in all, the movie was far to little.  Three pages in my Western Civ. I book show more of Alexander's life than Oliver Stone's piece of shit. 


autumnsavril said...

What's this about a love story?  Alexander the Great was gay.



rampage841512 said...

His men followed him because they loved him.  He was a great leader.  But the fact that he was gay is in there too.

autumnsavril said...

Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, okay.  I must have misread that.  Sowie.