Sunday, August 28, 2005

Poker and Other Things

I just got busted out of a poker tournament I was playing online.  It was free to enter, as it's part of the College Poker Champions series.  It's pretty fun, and I did okay.  I was doing really well for a while, but you can't win'em all.  I finished 735th of well over a thousand.  A person could so worse.  The first time I played I was out in a couple of minutes.  I think I finished 998th or something.  Anyway, it was kind of fun but I need some more sleep.

Oh, just a little FYI:  I finally, after all this time, managed to polish off and submit one of my short stories for publication in a magazine called Realms of Fantasy.  I sincerely doubt I have a chance of getting published considering that it's one of the best magazines for fantasy out there, but I figured I'd go for it.  I won't know anything for 7-9 weeks, but I'm in no hurry.  In all honest I haven't really thought about it since I mailed it off Tuesday.

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