Sunday, August 21, 2005

My Tumultuos...Apartment?

Feeling a need to cut loose and be a little silly considering my depressed, dour state lately I decided to do a little journal surfing.  Seeing J's entry about his house I thought I'd take a bunch of pictures of my apartment and give everyone a little digital tour.  So here we go:

#1: My little entertainment area in the living room  My tv, dvd player, vcr, surround sound system, and my dvd collection.  You also get a look at my cluttered coffee table.

#2: This is the view across from my couch.  I put mirrors up on the wall because I thought it would look cool, and it does.

#3:  My messy kitchen.  Here you get a view of my kitchen table which is covered completely with junk.

#4:  Another angle of my kitchen.

#5:  This is the view looking into my kitchen from my bathroom.  I've put books, bottles, and other stuff on the shelves above the bar.

#6:  My sign.  It reads "Beware, Poker Players and Loose Women are known to frequent this establishment"

#7:  My bedroom.  It's bigger than it looks, but is dominated by the most comfortable bed I never sleep in (still messed up from my last round of tossing and turning).

#8:  My master bathroom.  It's tiny.  I'd rather I J's.  Wanna trade?

#9:  The view while sitting on my bed.  Stereo, candles, etc. on my dresser (spelling??) top.

#10:  The other bathroom.  I store my swimming trunks and beach towel in here, as you can see.

#11:  My second bedroom, now office/library.  Here is one wall which is covered in six foot tall book shelves.

#12:  My desk, which I almost never use anymore, along with my PC and printer.

#13:  More shelves of books.

#14:  And more


autumnsavril said...

Okay . . .

I like the wallpaper in the bathroom, at least what I can see of it.  That's good.  It's hard to impress me with wallpaper.  ;)

The picture of your bedroom is difficult to see.

What is the picture on your bookshelf that's sitting next to the one you drew?

And I couldn't see it very well . . . what is the picture on the calendar above your desk?

Avril, who read this entry ages ago in e-mail but never actually came to look at the photos.  Baaaaaaaaad Avril.

autumnsavril said...

And, oh yeah, the mirrors do look pretty groovy.  ;)


rampage841512 said...

The picture next to the one I drew is an autographed picture of some C-list model, beautiful but not famous.

I think the calender is either a Maxim or FHM calender...basically women in bikinis.