Monday, August 8, 2005

I'm a worrier, and it's killing me...

I don't know why, but I've always worried.  I've always fallen prey to this worry since I was a little kid.  I'm always afraid that the good things that happen in my life will go straight to shit.  I guess that's because so many times they have.  I don't like worrying.  Which is why I'm writing about it.

Writing always helps me get it out of my system, which is good since my worrying is always accompanied by physical systems.  It sucks because for the past three days I've felt sick to my stomach.  And on top of that  I can't sleep.  Every time I try to sleep my mind can't shut down.  It just wanders from one stupid thought to another.  Why can't I just relax? 

Everything is going good in my life right now.  I've got a decent, though mind numbing, job.  I've got a nice, new car.  I've got a two bedroom apartment all to myself.  Viva La Bam! is on MTV.  Stephanie wants to go out with me.  Stephanie Wants To Go Out With Me.  STEPHANIE WANTS TO GO OUT WITH ME! 

These are all good things.  I should feel good.  I felt good most of the time last night when I was trying to figure out what do on our date.  And no, I have no idea yet.  That put a smile on my face.  I need to focus on something worth worrying about.  At least this one is a positive worry. 

Hmm, I want to do something unique.  We've seen movies together.  I've cooked for her before (she still talks about how good the chicken  I'll have to cook for her again sometime. 

There is always Bumpers.  It's a pool hall.  I'm not the best player, but neither is Stephanie.  That could be fun.  Maybe dinner and then a few hours of shooting some pool.  It wouldn't be typical, that's for sure.  At least I don't think it would. 

There's still the museum to consider too.  I was at the website and they have a restuarant in there.  I didn't know about that.  It sounds like it might be good, but it could be all weird artsy food, if there is such a thing. 

You know what I really want right now?  You're going to laugh.  It's so pathetic.  I want Stephanie to be here.  I want to put my arms around, lay my head on her shoulder, and go to sleep.  Then I want to wake up and have her still be there, asleep with me so Ican wake her up with a kiss.  See, I told you that you would laugh.

Hey, even guys can be sappy romantics some times. 

Now I'm hungry.  What to eat......

Hmm, I was just told the pool hall was a good idea, but that we should go there first, and then have dinner.  That does sound better.  By George, I think I may have it.  Unless someone else has a better idea????


autumnsavril said...

Not really a *better* idea, but an alternative one:  does she like miniature golf?  What about a local aquarium or inexpensive local theme park?  Any local bands playing near you?  What about a local carnival?  Does she like arcades?  I had a fabulous time once (or twice) at an arcade-slash-pool hall.  You mentioned you're not that big on bowling, so I won't suggest that one.  ;)  But yeah, pool is a good idea too.

Oh, and there're karaoke bars and . . . (dare I say it?) clubs to dance at.

I'd probably be a bigger help if I knew her better.  As it is, I'm just flinging out random thoughts and ideas.


PS:  Dinner is not a bad idea, but what about a picnic especially prepared by you, taken at a nearby park?  With music you both like rather than a restaurant's cheesy taste in music?

autumnsavril said...

I don't know how much this sort of thing costs, as I've never been, but horseback riding is another option.

I'll keep flinging ideas out until I can't think of anything else. ;)


rampage841512 said...

Thanks for all the ideas.  Funny thing is, Stephanie likes the cheesy restuarant music.  

I thought about a club to dance, but I hate clubs and I can't really dance very well.  But still, it could be fun.  I don't really know if she's into that though.  I know her pretty well, but all of a sudden it's like I've never met her before.  Weird.

autumnsavril said...

::Shudders at the thought of cheesy restaurant music.::

I'd go with pool over the museum, unless you're positive she likes that sort of thing.  ;)

Pool is a little more universal.


rampage841512 said...

I was thinking the same thing.  I'll find out if she likes art while we're playing pool.  Then maybe that would be a good second date.

autumnsavril said...

A little late on this, and kind of useless now, but that was a good idea.