Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Confusion all around

I'm confused.  Stephanie seems to be confused.  We're all confused right now.  Stephanie told me she thinks maybe ever trying to get involved with me or Jeremy was probably a mistake.  She says she doesn't want to lose me as a friend, and that she has a habit of fucking up relationships.  She says Jeremy's interest in her was flattering, and that she thought it could be meaningless and that way no one would get hurt.  Now she thinks she was wrong.

I explained the situation about me and Jeremy to her.  I told her that I had never intended them to meet.  That I had told him not to get involved with her because of how I felt.  She seemed a little upset that he did anyway.

I've talked to John a couple of times too.  I think he just didn't want to be involved.  I don't think he really knows what's going on either.  I don't think anyone does.  Jeremy told him he was going to come see me or call me or something. I said that might not be the best idea.  I said I'd talk to him if he called, but I really didn't want to see him.

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autumnsavril said...

Whew!  After reading and listening to all ten entries (and yeah, that was a lot of profanity, lol), I am going to succumb to your request and not give any advice.  (What a relief that I don't have to try to think of the right thing to say.)

I would, however, like to apply my hand to the face of a person who'd do that to his very good friend.  Keep babbling if you feel like it, I'm here to listen to it.

By the way, the sound of your voice shocked me--it just wasn't what I expected.  I don't know *what* I was expecting, but that wasn't it.  And yeah, I haven't been in Alabama so long that I can't distinguish the southern accents.  ;)  I could hear it.

I wish you a whole truckload of luck that things work out FOR THE BEST.  Whatever the best is in this situation.


PS:  I don't remember an Amber.  Tell me about her.