Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Back on the ground

Well, after two weeks and an ass-load of worrying by a lot of overpaid fuck-ups, the shuttle Discovery is safely back on earth.  I just watched it come in for a perfect landing at Edwards Air Force base in California a few minutes ago.  It's good they made it home safe.

What's bad is that the shuttle fleet won't be going anywhere for a while.  It really sucks.  It pisses me off the way the flying monkeys at NASA can't get their act together.  The solution to the problem is here, all they have to do is reach out and grab it.

Let me put it this way.  All of you who have owned a car for a while will see this easily enough.  You can own a car for thirty years and it will get you where you need to go every time.  The better you take care of it, the better it will take care of you.  But eventually things will start to wear out.  Things will have to be replaced.  Soon you won't go a week without having to put up the cash for a new car part.  Eventually, if you have any sense, you'll figure out that you're going to come out cheaper buying a new car instead of pouring money into a diaster waiting to happen.

We need new shuttles.  Plain, simple, and to the point.  We have the designs, we have the money (they don't call us the wealthiest nation in the world for nothing), and we have the people willing to do it.  We need a new fleet of shuttles to carry a new generation into space. 

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