Wednesday, June 8, 2005

You really wanna know?

Okay, I'll tell you then.  I actually did a lot today.  By today I mean yesterday and today up until now.  I decided to go try out my .45.  I shot off about forty rounds, and while I really need a lot more practice I've got no problem hitting 'center mass.'  My shots are precise, just not as accurate as I would like them to be.  I wish there was a pistol range around here somewhere.  Maybe there is, but I really need to get a permit first so I don't get picked up for illegally carrying or some other shit. 

I've been trying to find a house to rent to get out of this apartment.  I've called about two three bedroom houses with two baths.  The plan was use two rooms and get a roommate.  I even had a guy at work interested.  I called about the first one and left a message.  I never got a call back, and two days later someone had taken the 'for rent' sign down.  I called about the second house today.  Some fucking agency has the listing and wants eight bucks just to show me the place.  Fuck'em.  I'd rather live here.  I'm going to keep looking though.

Other than that I watched a little tv, slept for a few hours, and have been watching season five of The Sopranos.  John, Jennifer, and Jeremy came over to borrow my printer.  They were going to look at tattoos and Jeremy wanted to print out a couple he found online to get them priced.  I think they're wasting their time.  If you're going to get a tattoo it ought to have some kind of meaning.  You shouldn't get something permanently inked into your skin because it 'looked cool' at the moment. 

Anyway, now I'm sitting here doing next to nothing, waiting on my dryer buzzer to go off so I can get a shower and have clean boxers afterward.  It's either that or sit around here  naked.  I can't say I haven't done it before (I do live alone after all).  But I don't feel like it.  There's no rush.  It's not like I've got anywhere to go.  I can't do anything until places open in the morning, and I'll probably go to sleep then.  Oh, my wonderful life. 

I'll look at the bright side.  It's not like I had a life before.  Is the glass half empty or half full?  As the wise man said, "Get a smaller glass, asshole."

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