Monday, June 6, 2005


Work has really sucked these last couple of days.  I'm glad I'm off after tomorrow.  I'm going to need the time off just to recover from this past week of WalMart bullshit.  To top it all off I'm going to get shorted my next check because of one of the cocksucking assistant managers.  Let me explain.

Because I work nights, my forty hour week starts at 12:01 A.M. Saturday morning and ends 12:00 A.M. the next Friday night.  Got that?  Okay.  Thursday night I went in and checked my time before clocking in and I had 30 hours exactly.  I worked exactly 8 hours, giving me a grand total of 38.  I came in Friday night and this fat, Jabba the Hutt look-a-like, pizza-faced bitch Assistant Manager tells me I can't clock in until five minutes after 10:00 (my normal clock in time), or I'll have five minutes overtime.

My first response was, "That can't be right."  She showed me a piece of paper with my time on it in hundreths of a minute (can you do that math?  She can't).  She said I was five minutes over and that I couldn't clock in until five after.  I said I'd take her word for it and call it human error on my part.  No big deal.

Wrong.  I check my time this morning and I find out I've been shorted a couple of minutes because it turns out that I had only three extra minutes.  Now I'm angry.  They bitch about "no overtime, absolutely not" and then they force me into not getting my full forty hours.  I'm going to one of the other managers as soon as they cut me my check next week and pointing out the mistake.  I'm going to tell them I'll let it pass as human error...this time.  Next time I call the Ethics board at WalMart's Home Office, and I'll also be writing to the Federal Labor commission. 

If they don't want me getting overtime, that is fine.  I won't argue with them.  I could care.  But if I get cheated again I'm going to do everything I can to make sure the proper authorities are informed...and maybe the news media as well.


jhileb said...

am i missing something, or did you only lose 2 minutes?  the jabba the hut broad (lol, funny description) said 5, you said three, so that's only 2 minutes, right?
your that pissed off about 2minutes, to write a letter and file a formal complaint?  so be it, but it seems almost like no big deal to me....i mean it's like pennies in pay.

btw, your description of that assistant manager is killing me, lol...too damn funny...thanks for the laugh.

j.h. (you know.......from Ave's journal..i got real bored at work today and started reading your case your wondering why i'm over here.)

rampage841512 said...

To be honest, two minutes normally would not bother me a bit.  Like you said, it's next to nothing.  But if it had been two minutes of overtime I would have caught hell about it.  So if they're going to bitch and moan about two minutes, so am I.

What really gets me, is that when I talked to one of the other managers he actually had the balls to tell me they were "doing it for my own good."  Look, if there is nothing you can or will do about it, fine.  But don't hand me a turd and call it a Snickers bar.  I'm not that dumb.

jhileb said...

gotcha. i can see your point.  thanks for the followup.