Saturday, June 18, 2005

Staff Project Revival

Yesterday I went back to where I used to live to pick up a few things I either forgot or didn't have time/space to get when I moved out.  One of those things was the staff I had spent so much time working on.  I finally get my chance to finish it!

When I picked it up I was surprised at how light it was.  Before it must have weighed twenty pounds.  Now it can't weigh more than three or four.  That's a lot of water to dry out of a hunk of wood.  No wonder it was taking forever.  I should have realized that before, but I was in a hurry.  Anyway, it's time to get a shower and then I'm off to work.  I called in last night because I had a 'family emergency.'  Translation:  I got drunk and played poker until four-thirty in the morning.  Give me a break, it's been a while.


jhileb said...

your creeping me out with that stick, lol?

yeah vegas hookers....but your on a budget...that kills the fun.:(  you know where you need to go is thailand.  wild place, i have a buddy that goes for two weeks every year...the place he goes is all red light district, with beer bars and gogo bars...hookers galore and dirt cheap too, and from the pics and videos he's brought back some are really hot, young ones(18-22ish).  for less than 100bucks a day you can have a real blast...that includes everything(or so he says), hotel, beer money, food, hookers, etc.  this guy is no don juan either and just being american, gets him the hottests thai chicks.  they all think we (americans) all play polo all day and have champagne brunches.  so even a regular guy is a king over there.  just a thought.


rampage841512 said...

Now Thailand would be nice.  So would Amsterdam.  But it would cost nearly a grand or more to get to either place.  So I'm back at square one.  Anyway, I've had a lot of people show interest and a few emails, but no one really seems serious yet.