Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Good Morning

I just woke up.  Funny, huh?  I literally slept all day.  It was nice though.  I kind of feel bad for wasting the light, because now I can't really do anything away from home.  This stupid state shuts down after ten at night, except for the clubs.  And I'm not 21 yet, so why go to club?

I got my Dell the day after my last entry.  I love it.  It's so nice to have a notebook.  Just to let you know, it's a Dell Inspiron 9300.  Pictures should be coming as soon as I pick up a cheap twenty dollar digital camera.  Hey, did anyone know there is also a cheap twenty dollar digital camcorder.  I'm thinking of getting one of those too.

I'm pissed off that I have to leave my chair right now to turn on the radio.  I should have grabbed the remote.  I could listen online if I didn't have such a shitty connection.  I want DSL!  But I can't get it in my area.  When I lived way the hell out in East Buddha I could get it, now that I live in a city, I can't.  I'm very annoyed by this.

I don't know what I'm going to do tonight.  I'll probably try to finish up a short story I started the other day.  It's set in a fantasy setting, but I'm writing it because I hate one of the guys I work with because he is an asshole who always has to be right and get his way.  And he has the clout to get away with it.  So I'll villify him and be happy with that.

I'll probably do some reading tonight too.  I just started a new book called The Knight.  It's the first installment of a two part novel called The Wizard-Knight.  From everything I hear it's supposed to be really good, but we'll see.  It's got a lot to live up too.  So far my only complaint is that it is first person.  That's not a bad format (I love it in the Vampire Chronicles), but it has it's problems.  So we'll see.

I think I'm also going to cook something nice to eat tonight.  No microwaveable food for me.  I'm thinking fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baked beans, and garlic-cheese bisquits.  Oh, yeah.

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