Sunday, March 13, 2005

What I've Been Up To

Not too much, actually.  For the most part all I've done the past week or so has been to work and sleep.  I've got class tomorrow, and I'm going to do my best to go to every single one this week.  I think now that I have the off days I want it should not be a problem.  I have to call Stephanie at some point in the next day so we can get together to study.  I have to philosophy test this week, one Wednesday and one Thursday.

Friday night I went to Pizza Hut with John, Jennifer, and Jeremy.  It was packed and we got an insane waitress.  After we ate we came back to my apartment and chit chatted for a little while before I had to go to work.  We didn't do anything this weekend so I spent my free time either sleeping or cleaning up.

Yesterday my modem had a coniption fit and I had to call HP about it.  Some Indian, or possibly Pakistani, talked me through taking my modem card out and putting it back in a different spot.  After that it worked just fine. 

Today I tried to go buy season 3 of Stargate SG:1 but Circiut City closed at seven, which is stupid.  Everything closes down early on Sunday here and it doesn't make any sense.  They are turning away business.  People leave the store because it is going to close, not becuase they have somewhere else to be.  Barnes and Noble is open to eleven tonight, and it's parking lot was packed when I drove by.

I've been studying up a bit on case law.  One of the guys I work with is involved with law  in some way and he gave me a bunch of websites for the Supreme Court, and landmark cases.  He also sent me stuff on just about everything else I could want to know about law.  It's cool, since I really want to go to law school one day. 

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