Tuesday, March 8, 2005

First Day Off

I changed my mind and took today off.  I'm going to work Wednesday night instead.  I did grill some hamburgers and John and Jennifer came over and ate.  I did not invite anyone else since it was a kind of spur of the moment type thing.  The food was good, course.  I'm feeling quite full right now.

When I got off work this morning I decided to buy everything and grill tonight.  I don't have a grill so I had to buy one.  I bought one of those mini grills.  It's all I need since I probably won't be cooking for a bunch of people.  I might buy a bigger one later on. 

I'm not really sure what I am going to do tonight.  I've got all night to kill.  I'll probably go to sleep around five in the morning.  I'll go to school and then try to catch a few hours when I get home if I get the chance.  I'll probably read and watch tv for the most part tonight.  I guess I could also wash some clothes and do some dishes.

Fun, fun....

I could work on one of the fifty or so stories I have halfway written.  That would be good too.  It's not like I don't have time.  And I should probably do some reading for school.  Yeah, I guess I know what I'll do after all.

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autumnsavril said...

Awww, I have this problem all the time.  I get bored and don't know what to do.  I used to have a series of things I liked online, but now I'm getting bored with them.  I still play my vampire game, but I'm getting tired of myspace.  My new rave is online surveys, and not the ones I've been spamming your e-mail inbox with, either.  I'm talking about ones that websites host online for market researching purposes.  I figure they can spam my spam folder all they want and I can choose to take a few and maybe win a few sweepstakes if I'm lucky.  If not, at least market researchers are getting my opinion.  ;)