Sunday, February 27, 2005

Whole lot of nothing

Well, the first thing I did today was to go into WalMart and finish up my training CBLs.  I was there from nine till about twelve-thirty.  It was not too bad, just boring as hell.  I came after that, ate, watched some tv, read, played a little Age of Empires II, and then I went grocery shopping.

I made myself some steak and rice with gravey for dinner.  It was pretty good, I guess.  Since I finished eating I've been doing a combination of playing on the computer, watching tv, and doing my laundry.  Fun, fun.  Oh, well.  I need to keep myself busy.  I'm staying up all night tonight so that I sleep tomorrow during the day and be fresh for work.  The challenge begins now.

Stephanie called me last night a little after eleven.  I had called her earlier last night to see if she wanted to hang out.  I got her voice mail (of course!).  Anyway, she said she had to drive half way to Atlanta to get one of her friends.  Apparently, said friend was visiting her dad and her car broke down.  He drove her half way and Stephanie met her in Anniston or somewhere around there.

I talked to Stephanie for a little while and then she went to bed.  At least she returns my calls now.  That's kind of nice.  I'd really like to show her my apartment, and intoduce her to John and Jennifer.  Someday.

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