Friday, February 11, 2005

The Good

A very wise man once asked, "Does God love something because it is good or is it good because God loves it?"

Now, while this question was not asked in the context of the Judeo-Chrisitan God, it does apply to that God.  And so I will answer it in that context.

If we are to believe all the things about the said God then we must accept that the good is good because God loves it, not because it is good in and of itself.  That is the way the Christian God works.  God is all good, and therefore what he loves is all good.  God created light, and it was good.  Why?  Because God created.  Why else.  If God asked you to sacrifice your son to him, then you should obey, for God is all good, and the murder of your son is good as well.  Oh, and if you don't think God would ask such a thing read the story of Abraham's (Genesis 22). 

Now, God stopped Abraham at the last moment.  Nice of him, but he still tested Abraham.  If God had not stopped him, Abraham would have plunged the knife into his own son's heart.  That is faith in God.  To do whatever he orders without question and happily.  For God is the good.  If you cannot accept this, then you cannot accept God.  Abraham founded Judaism, and thus Christianity.  You should aspire to be like Abraham if you aspire to be a Christian or a Jew.


autumnsavril said...

Like hell I'd do that for ANY God . . . just sayin' . . . I know that wasn't your point, being that I'm Pagan.  But I really do like this entry.



rampage841512 said...

I'm glad you get the point, and probably better even than I do myself.