Friday, February 25, 2005

The First Day

My first day at work went smoothly.  It was not bad at all.  At nine I went in with four others and we did a bunch of paper work.  Then we walked around the store to see where everything was.  After that we watched three of the dumbest videos I've seen since high school. 

We went to lunch at 11:45, Linda (the personnel lady) told us to take our fifteen minute break with our lunch our.  At 1:00 we came back and did CBLs (Computer Based Learning).  They were annoying as hell and tedious, but I guess I need to know a lot of the information they have.  I worked on those until 5:00 but everyone else left by 4:00.  I'm going in tomorrow to finish those up.  I might have to do some Sunday too. 

My first working day will be Monday night.  I have to go in, tell them who I am, and get a schedule.  I'm probably going to stay up all Sunday night, sleep until around 2:30 monday, go to class, and then maybe take a nap before work.  It should be interesting.


autumnsavril said...

Sounds like the traditional first day of work.  :)  I spent my first day watching video after video, which was useless, because they were working through everything so fast that you couldn't remember anything at all.  Mostly you will learn by doing.

So are you going to be a cashier, a stocker, or what?  I can't believe you get an hour and fifteen minutes for lunch.  That kicks ass.  I get half an hour for lunch, and I work twelve hour shifts.  Well, and we get two fifteen minute breaks.  Still sucks though.


rampage841512 said...

I'm going to be a stocker.  I only get an hour lunch, but I got to take one of my fifteen minute breaks with it.  I get two of those too.  And I work eight hour shifts.

autumnsavril said...

Oh, just rub it in then!  :P  Meanie.