Friday, April 24, 2015

On The Range #101: Distance and Movement

I've been trying to get my butt outside and on the range as much as possible the last couple of months, and so far so good.  I've made at least one decent trip to the shooting range every two week for the last two months.  I've got a good feel for where I am at, and I'm trying to expand into some areas where I am weak.

Today I focused on working on movement and shooting at greater distances.  This may become my standard practice session for a while with a few tweeks (as I think of them).  Today was a 50 round session from concealment using my Glock 17 riding in a Miller Tactical Group kydex IWB holster. Target was a Q target with an 8" circle drawn on it, anything out of the 8" circle I counted as a miss.

I started out with shooting on the move.  Using my shot timer, at the five yard line I began moving back while drawing and firing two rounds (five reps for a total of 10 rounds). Total time for all strings was under 3.5 seconds, most of the draws under 2.5 seconds. I had three misses (1 off the bottle), but no more than one miss on any given string.

Next I moved to the seven yard line, and on the signal I did a sidestep (usually two steps) and fired two.  I did this ten times total, five each left and right.  I actually shot faster moving left than right.  I had one miss moving left, and one moving right.  Left draws averaged under 2.5 seconds, right draws around 3.25 seconds.

At this point I switched up from shooting with movement to shooting at distance.  I've started relatively close at 15 yards and I may push it back to 20 since I did pretty well here.

First, I did ten draws and fired one round each focusing on fundamentals.  I found I was able to put every round in the 8" target zone, averaging just under 3 seconds.

I finished up drawing and firing two at 15 yards five times for a total of 10 rounds.  This went fairly well. All but one string of fire was under or just at 3 seconds from draw to first round, total times were around 4 seconds averaged.  I had 3 misses here, 2 on one string with one of those being off the bottle (I just fell apart on this string).

This was a good session for me.  Like I said, I will probably be shooting this regularly as it makes me work on areas where I really am weak.

Detailed times on the strings will follow below the target photo if you're curious.

Moving back from 5 yards (all times listed as first shot [the draw], split, total)
1) 2.21, .80, 3.01
2) 2.20, 1.23, 3.43 with one miss
3) 2.08, .88, 2.96
4) 2.19, .69, 2.88 with one miss
5) 2.41, .78, 3.19 with one miss off bottle

Sidestep Left
1) 2.53, .74, 3.27
2) 2.52, .79, 3.31
3) 2.47, 1.06, 3.53
4) 2.49, .68, 3.17 with one miss
5) 2.75, 1.29, 4.04

Sidestep Right
1) 3.68, 1.52, 5.20
2) 2.97, .99, 3.96
3) 3.27, .99, 4.26 with one miss
4) 3.16, 1.60, 4.76
5) 3.28, .96, 4.24

Doubles @15 yards
1) 4.16, 1.78, 5.94 with one miss
2) 2.78, 1.00, 3.78
3) 2.56, 1.15, 3.71
4) 2.91, .81, 3.72 with two misses, one off the bottle
5) 3.04, 2.01, 5.05


eiaftinfo said...

Very nice! Practicing with purpose is one of the things I always harp on. Looks like you had a great plan, followed it and then documented it! Very good job sir!

Old NFO said...

COncur with EIA. Nicely done!