Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day Two of Jury Duty

Showed up today at 8:30 this morning as instructed and was ignored until until just after ten. I was put with a group that might be needed if a judge's current case finished and told it would probably be tomorrow and we could leave and call that afternoon to fine out if we were needed. Before we could make it out the door we were stopped, told the case was finished, and we would be needed at 1:30. We were dismissed for lunch until 1:15.

Around 1:30 we were sent over to a courtroom. After going through security and then standing outside the courtroom for a while the judge came out to inform us a settlement had been reached when it was announced a jury was being brought in.

Sat around in the jury room for another hour to get my paperwork and $25 check. Cashed check at Wal-Mart as one does with a government check.

We'll see how Federal compares next week.

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