Sunday, September 14, 2014

On The Range #98: IDPA Classifier

Today, thanks to only working a half day, I was able to shoot an IDPA Classifier.  It's been over two years since I shot my last classifier so I was way over do.  You can find a description of the classifier here.

In a nutshell, it's three stages with multiple strings of fire in each stage.  You do a little bit of everything, including shooting strong and weak hand, using cover, performing reloads, and shooting on the move.

I decided to shoot in both SSP and CDP.  I'd previously classified in SSP with my Glock 17, which I shot with today.  In CDP I shot my RIA 1911.

My final score with the Glock was just over 144.  This would put me in Marksman territory except you can not drop a class so I remain classified as a Sharpshooter in SSP.  This is to keep people from sandbagging and dominating in a classification. It's a good rule, just not for me.  I would be competitive as a Marksman in SSP, but as a Sharpshooter I'm damn near dead last every time.  That's kind of disheartening.  I only classified SS by about a half second when I previously shot the classifier.

Oh, well. It gives me something to work towards.  I need to really work on my shooting at greater than 10 yards and working with multiple targets.

In CDP I classified as a Marksman.  I'm happier with this as I fell about midway in the Marksman range. I may shoot CDP more than SSP this year just because I'll be more competitive in that division for the time being.  I'd really prefer to purchase another .45 1911, though.

Anyway, it was a fun day all in all.  I helped keep score part of the time which made things go by quicker between shooting.  I'll have to consider it in the future.

Honestly, I just need to shoot more matches.  It's been extremely difficult for me to get to any of the big club level matches since they are all held on Saturdays and I usually work weekends.  I'll reach five years at my current employer next spring and that'll give me 120 total hours of vacation time.  I'm thinking of devoting 40 hours of that to shooting Saturday matches (assuming I don't manage to get a weekend off by then).

My bread and butter have been the Thursday night matches at Brock's Gap Training Center in Hoover, AL, but those have been put on indefinite hold and I really hadn't been taking advantage of them this year anyway.

If nothing else I think I'm going to be devoting a lot of range time to shooting at 10 yards and shooting multiple targets, as well as shooting on the move.  Now, just to get of this 60 hour a week work schedule so that I actually have the time and energy to do it!

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Old NFO said...

Yep, if you don't shoot the skills atrophy.. sigh...