Thursday, March 13, 2014

Five guns someone will never own.


I can agree with two. The Double tap and Rhino are gimmicky and I can see no more use for either than I can for a gold plated Deagle.

The quoted statement on shotguns is just plain stupid, right up there with, "A shotgun, 'cause you don't need to aim it!"

JD Kinman's comment on Facebook about Colt being solidly in the NE makes them more commie than any AK he has ever handled.

Mandatory Glock and/or 1911 hate. I'd actually be curious to more details about his objection to GLOCKs considering his experience.

And yes, lists like this are silly and that what his point in making it but the whys behind his prejudices are what make me think.

I personally don't see myself ever buying another bolt action rifle. Semiautos can do anything they can that I would need them to do. Doubtful I would buy a lever gun except I just had the money burning a hole in my pocket or if I got into cowboy action.


Chaplain Tim said...

Your link to his site ran him over his bandwidth allocation. Maybe I can see the list tomorrow.

Old NFO said...

LOL, they DO generate comments... if nothing else! :-)

Robert McDonald said...

Chaplain Tim-It seems to be working again.

NFO-That they do!