Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some neat shooting inspired gifts from Lucky Shot

.308 Bullet Necklace

The necklace is a nice little gift for the shooting lady in your life, or yourself if you are the necklace wearing type.  I was most impressed with the .50 Cal bottle opener. It works great and is a nice conversation piece when hanging out and having a few beers with friends.  The construction is solid and it looks like it will hold up well. I've dropped the thing more than once without putting a dent or scratch in it. Watch your toes!

I also have a .308 bottle opener keychain for popping caps on the go!

If you're looking for some nifty gifts for a shooter these would make a nice treat. Check out Lucky Shot.

All of the above items were provided for review by Don at Lucky Shot. Tell them I sent you.


Old NFO said...

Just don't try to take ANY of them on an airplane... sigh

Robert McDonald said...

My friend almost lost her purse because it had pewter gun shape on it.