Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun on Facebook with the anti open carry crowd.

In a thread on Facebook I took a lot of flak for defending open carriers. My points were pretty much the same as those made in my previous post.

One person in particular, someone named Greg Hamilton, jumped right in with the ad hominem. I got fed up with him when he started posting about his fantasies to violently attack open carriers when he sees them and how he wished we still lived in the day where he could 'physically counsel' people.  My final post to him was that I was glad we no longer lived in that day and people with the attitude that they should be able to violently attack someone simply because they don't like them is why I and many others carry guns.

He repeatedly called open carriers assholes. I defended them saying simply peacefully doing something he did not like, but that otherwise harmed him not at all, did not make one an asshole.  I then compared it to wearing a kilt in public to start a dialogue about male cancers, and that just because some twit called me a fag for wearing a 'skirt' and tried to get me thrown out of a business would not make me the asshole.

That's when this other moron jumped in:

The kind of pantshitting I see from those agaist OC because of their fear of someone 'ruining it for the rest of us' reminds me of the 'I'm a gun owner, but' crowd who love their hunting rifles and shotguns but think those conceal carriers and AR owners are just trouble makers looking for a fight.

It's sad and pathetic.


Old NFO said...

That it is, and you did the right thing...

Robert McDonald said...


Anonymous said...

I've been debating on the same side as you.
I think those who oppose Open Carry are missing huge opportunities afforded by the activity for discussion.

Okay, you don't like Open Carry; we get it. Now tell me how a person in Starbucks is not almost identical to someone advocating concealed carry 20/30 years ago?

I hear more anti-gun rhetoric coming from pro-rights people on the subject then I ever thought possible.