Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Shadow Military: A Military Channel Fiasco

About a week ago I saw a promo on Facebook for a documentary called The Shadow Military.  I've always been intrigued by private military companies and Travis Haley was in it talking about his time with Blackwater so I thought it would be worth DVRing and giving a look see.

What a fucking fiasco.

It probably would have been a great documentary except for 'the inside look at a real PMC' segments. The interviews with former and current contractors, journalists, and pmc executives were great. Most of the footage was also really good. Everything gave what I thought was an exciting and informative look into the world of military contractors.

The inside look stuff, though. Damn. Talk about destroying the documentary's credibility.  They had this moron instructor from some unnamed, supposed pmc standing down range WALKING DOWN THE FIRING LINE BEING SHOOT AT TO SHOW HOW MUCH CONTRACTORS HAVE TO TRUST EACH OTHER.  I get that in a combat engagement you might have to send some lead close to an ally. I can see that being necessary, but to deliberately walk down a line of fire while rounds are impacting the berm scant inches in front of and behind you is insane.  And this guy wasn't even wearing body armor. Holy fucking Christ.

Later they are doing a live fire extraction maneuver and not one person is wearing ear pro and most are not wearing eye pro.  In so called 'training.'  That's just stupid and unnecessary.  This company was a total joke.

To give Haley due credit all segments with him were great. Hell, it showed footage of him in Iraq with Blackwater during an actual firefight where he was acting in the sniper role. He had his eyepro pushed up on his head while looking through the scope but I could see the orange squishies in his ears. IN FUCKING COMBAT.  If you can wear ear pro and eye pro in combat there is no reason those jokers couldn't wear it in training.

So, yeah. The Military Channel took a perfectly good documentary and edited in extraneous footage of a bunch of clowns trying to look like badasses and totally ruined it.

Check it out if you get a chance. It's worth it just for the groan factor.

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