Monday, April 22, 2013

Heros or Thugs?

A lot of accolades are being heaped on the Boston PD and FBI for their actions in tracking down and apprehending the suspects in the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  People were dancing in the street and celebrating the law enforcement agencies' actions.  Have we really come to the point where a warrant-less search of a home is worthy of praise?

How many people's rights were egregiously violated?  And the people of Boston celebrated this?  The last suspect was caught AFTER THE LOCK DOWN ENDED when a homeowner noticed something suspicious on his property after the government thugs allowed him to leave his home.  Yes, I said thugs.  If you are a LEO and performing illegal searches of persons and property YOU ARE A THUG.   

Protecting and serving?

Oleg Volk opines that the above photo is why civilians should be able to have claymores and grenades.  Seeing it myself, I can't say I disagree with him.  

Oh, you brought me milk to go with my 4th Amendment violation?

Again, as I've asked in the past, how am I supposed to trust the police when they violate citizens rights at the drop of a hat?  There was a MINOR bombing in Boston, something that other countries see every day and this country sees once in a blue moon and the Bill of Rights gets thrown right out of the fucking window?  This is what generations of soldiers fought and died for?  For my freedom to be forced out of my home at gunpoint so that police could search it without a warrant?

Frankly, I'm starting to believe the only thing the Boston PD and the other LE agencies involved are good for IS delivering milk.  


Old NFO said...

I really need to go research this... Thanks for the post!

Robert McDonald said...

If I'm wrong on anything let me know and I'll correct it.