Monday, February 18, 2013

WSJ: Gun owners need to take responsibility

For criminals stealing guns and teenage suicides.

That's what I get from this article posted on Twitter by Rob Pincus.

Pincus says it should make us 'think.' It made me think the writer is an idiot who hates the NRA. According to him the NRA ignores irresponsible behavior by gun owners that allows guns to fall into the wrong hands.

It's very much a hit piece aimed at the NRA. It ignores all of the training the NRA offers and promotes that has helped reduce gun accidents. It ignores the fact the the NRA encourages members to take the actions to safely and securely store their firearms.

The article also seeks to blame gun owners for tge suicide rate among teens completely over looking the fact that there are industrialized first world nations with near total gun bans that have higher rates of suicide than the US.

if a criminal steals a gun it did not 'fall into his hands.'  It does not matter how the legal owner of the gun was storing it (I find it highly amusing that he thinks a kid can't figure out the combination on his handgun safe or that a criminal can't walk with it.)

If I'm at fault for a criminal stealing a gun out of my nightstand that I keep in the big locked box I call home then I guess rape victims shouldn't 'dress that way.'


Erin Palette said...

Sure, I'll do that just as soon as all the gays take responsibility for Penn State, all the cops take responsibility for corruption and brutality, and all the women who have had children take responsibility for those mothers who smother/drown their babies.

Old NFO said...

+1 on Erin, that way I don't have to use four letter words... sigh

Robert McDonald said...


NFO-I was ready to blow my top reading the patronizing crap.