Monday, December 17, 2012

Damn it.

I ordered a red dot sight for my AR on Amazon last month.  The shipping status was "in transit from carrier to shipper facility" from Dec. 1 to Dec. 14.  That alone will be getting the vendor who sold it to me a bad review.  They listed it as in transit in order to hide the fact that they didn't have it and had to order it themselves.*  I realize when I purchased it it said that shipping could take a few weeks.  I was fine with that.  I just needed it by the first of January.  However, listing it as "in transit" for 13 day was just dishonest and offends me.

On top of that when it arrived in the main USPS facility in Birmingham it was sorted to the wrong post office.  Instead of Gardendale, AL it went to Pinson, AL.  That's just a few miles away, but it pisses me off.  I would have had it today otherwise.

I'm going to give the USPS a break for that.  They typically get my deliveries to my door quickly and at a reasonable price.  I prefer UPS but they can be extremely expensive and slow for small items.  I won't use FedEx unless I have no other choice as the morons have got themselves lost twice trying to find my home which is literally one turn off the interstate coming out of Birmingham, AL.

I hope to have it tomorrow early enough to get it mounted and dialed in.  Then I'm going to test the battery life (it runs on AAAs).  On January 6th I'm taking Intro to Performance Carbine with Frank Proctor of Way of the Gun.  This will be my second course with Frank, and I hope it will go as well as the first.  I plan to have a review of the red dot up soon after that, as well as a review of the course.

*That's a supposition on my part, but I believe a correct one.


Old NFO said...

Looking forward to the review. As you know, I'm 'not' a fan of anything with batteries, but I'll pass along good reviews to those that are.

RobertM said...

Not a fan of them myself, but I can't afford something like an ACOG. This is going to be a stopgap until I can't get an Aimpoint PRO which from all tell has AMAZING battery life.