Monday, November 26, 2012

How to buy a gun...if you're single.

Mad Ogre has a video up over at his place where he gives advice on how to buy a gun without risking the ire of your wife.  It's very interesting to me, as a single guy, the level of cloak and dagger bullshit you married guys go through.

Here's how you buy a gun if you're a single guy:

1.  Go to gun buying place.

2. Buy gun.

3. Take gun home.

Done.  That's it.


Old NFO said...

LOL, that works MUCH better! :-)

Kristin said...


Laura said...

LOL...better trick: marry/date someone with a similar gun habit. i spent more money on firearms than the other half did on Black Friday...

RobertM said...

Laura, if I meet someone like that I'll be sure too.

Mr.B said...

Or, find a chick who appreciates firearms as much as you do.

I hadda look for a long time to find one.

But as long as I can pay for it, I get to buy any gun I want.

I'm kinda lucky in that.

Tam said...

PROTIP: No matter what your gender, don't date control-freak weirdos.

POST-LAUTENBERG PROTIP: Also, don't date outside your species.

RobertM said...

Control freak weirdos are perfectly long as they leave it in the bedroom.