Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Something I find highly annoying.

Last week I ordered a pair of Taclite 8" boots from 5.11 Tactical.  The package arrived yesterday and so far I'm very pleased with them.

Anyway, included in the box was an offer for a free pair of socks.  Awesome!

So I'm sitting here on my lunch break filling out the coupon for the socks and I get to the part where it ask for my profession.  The options are:

  • LEO
  • MIL
  • PSC (I'm guessing 'private security company')
  • FIRE
  • EMS

Here's the annoying part:  Except for 'MIL' all of those professions are civilian professions.  I have a lot of respect for all of the the professions listed but it peeves the hell out of me that people think police, firefighters, etc aren't civilian professions.

Anyway, I wrote that across that part of the coupon/offer card/whatever so hopefully someone pays attention.


eiaftinfo said...

Damn, no "Mall Ninja" slot for me . . . .


RobertM said...

Considering that's their biggest customer base you'd think that would be an option! I seriously considered writing it in....